Faro Rentals

Evaluate a Faro Arm system prior to making the purchase or fill in the measurement gap during overflow time periods.

Flexible and Convenient

We offer Faro system rentals on a weekly and monthly basis to customers anywhere with shipments made overnight, if needed in a pinch. We have 8’ and 12’ arms available as well as the Focus 3D terrestrial scanner.

Our inventory includes:

Faro Edge Arm (12’)
Faro Platinum Arm (8’ and 12’)
Faro Prime Arm (12’)
Faro Quantum Arm (8’)
Faro Blue Light Scanner
Tripods & Accessories

Calibrated and Ready for Action

All arms are calibrated to NIST standards and ready to go with a laptop fitted with CAM2 or PolyWorks software. The Faro Focus 3D system is calibrated to Faro’s standards and comes with a laptop and the latest version of Faro Scene as well as spheres and targets for accurate registration.

Includes Polyworks
and free access to our
online training videos

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Contact us to discuss your rental needs and pricing.