Laser Tracking Service:
Deliver jobs faster, cheaper and with more accuracy.

Our laser tracking services provide large-scale 3d inspection as well as reverse engineering so you can build products with dimensional integrity and replicate geometry with extreme accuracy.

Pictured: Inspection of a wind turbine mold

We’re Mobile, Experienced and Affordable

Parts or tooling too big to ship? Manufacturing process needs some dimensional investigation? Our experienced technicians will come to you and help.

Common Laser Tracking Applications

  • Machine Alignment
  • Manufacturing Process Installation
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Tool Building
  • Reverse Engineering
By partnering with Diverse Dimensions, we have access to the tools and technical skills we need for our work, without the overhead and expense of full time employees, ongoing training, capital equipment and maintenance.  It’s a model that works well for both partners. Director, Product Engineering
Herman Miller
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